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AP Special Status Arun Jaitley Announced amount

Andhra Pradesh:Special Status Budget Announced

BJP Modi Govt Declares Andhra Pradesh to Give Special Status
AP Special Status Arun Jaitley Announced
AP Special Status Arun Jaitley Announced

AP Special Status : The Dreams come true for Andhra pradesh People. The pressure paid off by the AP govt on Modi Government. BJP Government had a hand in the TDP party with the support Pawan Kalyan as a result The Newly formed State gt special status. Pawan Kalyan Founder of janasena who had given a powerful tweets showing results now in AP Govt. Overall, the expectation of the people of Andhra Pradesh to some extent had achieved. Recently, the BJP Modi Govt is announced their support for special status.

AP revenue deficit is too casual way of saying that the figures for the five years aid. According to the Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, said in a statement that Central govt will provide assistance between 2015-2020, 22 thousand 113 crore in Andhra Pradesh.

Year by Year Budget Details,  Center presented the details :

2015-16 Year Rs.6609 Crs.

2016-17 Year Rs.4930 Crs.

2017-18 Year Rs.4430 Crs.

2018-19 Year Rs.3644 Crs.

2019-20 Year Rs.2499 Crs, this much of amount will be given by the Government said by Arun jaitley. 

hari krishna Bingi

hari krishna Bingi

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