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Brand Ambassador Mahesh Babu for Hyderabad ?

Mahesh Babu : New Brand Image for Hyderabad ?

Brand Ambassador Mahesh Babu for Hyderabad
Brand Ambassador Mahesh Babu for Hyderabad

Super Star Mahesh Babu A New Brand Ambassador for Hyderabad City in Telangana State Government.

Hyderabad : 14/02/2015
Thursday, doubt hovered over the "selection" of the star actor Mahesh Babu as brand ambassador of Hyderabad city. According to reports, the actor was approached by representatives of the government of the State of Telangana who sought his help in promoting the brand Hyderabad.

 Mahesh Babu Adopted Burripalem in Gunter Dst

But Mahesh camp went into hiding with relatives and friends refuse to provide any information on development. Others wondered why the actor was chosen brother -frère Jayadev Galla is part of his rival Telugu Desam . Mahesh Babu was recently in the news after it was announced that it had adopted Burripalem his ancestral village in Guntur district .

Is Mahesh Babu Hyderabad Brand

However, on Thursday , TRS seemed quite surprised with claims that their party had Come near to the actor of " face value ". "Truly, I have not heard of this development. Mahesh Babu is a very innocent human being, but we are yet to take such a step ," said a senior source in the CMO here in Hyderabad.

Meanwhile  another prominent member of the TRS said that the party "had no such plans at present . " Repeated calls to the house of Mahesh Babu went unanswered

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hari krishna Bingi

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