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A Big Relief for EMCET Candidates RTC Strike Ends

RTC Strike Ended | Cleared for Emcet test | Employees Called to join.

The RTC strike ended on Wednesday with both governments Telangana and Andhra accepted major demands of striking RTC employees in both the states With union leaders calling for employees to join in duties asap, a major obstacle to a test EAMCET Thursday in Telangana State has been cleared.

The government announced 43 percent AP assembly. The last three months of arrears would be paid during the Dasara and Diwali period and other arrears would be paid at the time of retirement. This meant that the additional load on the AP government would be around Rs 900 crore.

Going further Step taken by Telangana govt CM KCR, who addressed the media, said 44 percent of assembly, one percent more than what the government had announced the TDP. Interestingly, her doe came minutes after the government announced its AP case.

However, he said the burden of subsidies on the territory of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) must be performed by the GHMC. The burden of subsidy of about Rs 200 crore.

KCR largesse does not end there. He said the assembly would be implemented from June and arrears would be given in two phases. Fifty percent of the arrears would be paid in the form of bonds and the rest would be paid during Dasara and Ugadi.

In another major announcement, he said that all contract employees would be regularized Thursday. All the cases booked against the RTC workers would be lifted and all suspensions were lifted. He said that retirees would be allowed free travel in RTC buses.

However, he indicated that the RTC rate would go soon. "The employees are part of the company and the company would have to bear the burden of the RTC," he said. As for the government of Andhra Pradesh, there is no immediate rate hike. But ministers were cryptic about the possibility of a future increase.

hari krishna Bingi

hari krishna Bingi

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