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Naalo Okadu Telugu Movie Review Rating

Naalo Okadu Review
Naalo Okadu Telugu Movie Review Rating
Naalo Okadu Review

Siddharth Naalo Okadu Review Ratings

About the film :
The film is the Telugu version of the Tamil hit Ennakul Oruvan . The film is a remake of the hit Kannada Lucia . An insomniac is pushed to buy a drug that blurs the line between dream and reality.
An insomniac theater usher is given a pill that will not only put to sleep but make his dreams so vivid that they feel real. In his dream, he is a popular movie star. But soon the real world and dream world overflowing in another..

Directed by     Prasad Ramar
Produced by     C. V. Kumar
Written by     Pawan Kumar
Starring     Siddharth, Deepa Sannidhi, Srushti Dange
Music by     Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematography     Gopi Amarnath
Edited by     Leo John Paul
Production company Thirukumaran Entertainment, Abi TCS Studios
Distributed by  Y Not Studios, Radiance Media, Dream Factory
Release date 08/05/2015
3.0/ 5 stars from users.

Naalo Okadu Movie Review - by ,

Throughout "NaAlO Okkadu ', a remake of Kannada indie hit" Lucia "we see Siddharth desperately trying to convince us that there is a very talented player in the star, it has become over the years.

In the film, ironically, it has a dual role - that of a chic movie star and an usher in a shabby, single screen theater. But when you look at the film as a remake of "Lucia", it is a little difficult to accept Siddharth in the lead role, originally tried by Kannada actor Satish Ninasam, which comes with no baggage stars. It is the exact opposite Siddharth, who mostly relied on his celebrity for success.

Since "Jigarthanda" the Siddharth we saw not one who aspires to fame Furthermore, at least in his choice of roles. And "NaAlO Okkadu", which comes at the right time in his career, also proves that he did not mind going completely de-glam. Here, he plays the role of the bailiff with tanned skin, so dark that it seemed useless, but it still works. If, as the movie star, Siddharth meets multiplex audiences in "NaAlO Okkadu" and as the bailiff, he entertains the masses.

In the film, Siddharth plays Vicky, the bailiff and Vignesh, the movie star. The only problem Vicky almost content in his life is the lack of sleep. He suffers from insomnia and cure his problem is a pill named Lucia, who sleep and dream, and it will get to live the life of his dreams. When Vicky dream he saw Vignesh of life, who wants to live the life of an ordinary man, eating roadside restaurants and ride a cycle. There's a scene where he also said the life of a superstar is boring, with not even a minute of privacy.

Siddharth has've asked him what it would be to throw celebrity and being an actor for a change. Siddharth Imagine waking up one day and realizing all the star is gone.

"NaAlO Okkadu" gives him the opportunity to be just that. And as the guy who is best known for playing the perfect boyfriend material for beautiful heroines, Siddharth finally dropped his chocolate boy tag and evolved successfully as an actor. In real life, it can still be the star that would get mobbed by fans when he comes out, but on the screen, it happens to be an actor, he likes to be.

While " NaAlO Okkadu " remains mostly faithful to the original , it lacks its indie spirit and somehow feels even commercial. The film would have worked with someone who was not the image and fame, but Siddharth does not disappoint.

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