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SOS - Son of Satya Murthy Entered in 50Cr Club

Allu Arjun S/O Satya Murthy Reached 50 Cr Mark

Allu Arjun Son of SatyaMurthy entres 50 C Club Mark
Son Of Satyamarthy SOS

Allu Arjun, who is experiencing a family trip to Europe, has great news in store to make the party more difficult. His latest album Son Of Satyamurthy is racing towards 50 crore club and it would be the second film 50 Cr for the stylish star.

His previous blockbuster Race Gurram had also collected 50 Cr and divide the world. Son Of Satyamurthy well open to mixed reviews and word of mouth mean, he managed to turn crores at the box office.

Allu Arjun 50 C Club Telugu Movie SOS

Rabbit has been constantly proving its potential at the box office, and now with two crore 50 films in a row, it sends shivers down the spine of many big stars of Telugu films.

After 4 weeks of its release, Son Of Satyamurthy going strong in many areas, even during the days of the week. Now, the film garnered a 49 Cr in the world and is in the direction to go for 50 Cr in a day or two.

Trivikram Allu Arjun 50 Cr Telugu Movie Son of  satyamurthy

This is surely a news to celebrate for fans Allu Arjun from their matinee idol shows great growth at the box office. Besides the zeal of Allu Arjun for film, his mega background, Samantha Midas touch and incomparable Trivikram craze in audience of the family has also contributed to the film create wonders at the box office.

Initially, trade pundits felt that Son Of Satyamurthy end up as an average gross given its mediocre content. But the originality of its box office performance has raised many eyebrows. So at least now can we call Allu Arjun as a Super Star of Telugu cinema.

Trivikram Dialogues in Son of SatyaMurthy

hari krishna Bingi

hari krishna Bingi

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