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Charmi reduced 11kgs for Jyothi Lakhmi Telugu movie

charmi kaur Looses 11kgs for puri movie Jyothi Lakhmi.

Charmming Charme's Latest Upcoming Movie called Jyothi Lakhmi which was directed by great director Puri jagannadh. Actors across the eminent film industries dump their starry ways to include in the requirements of a role. Sometimes it might mean for smaller efforts such as losing weight for a role - the last being the actor Charmme Kaur.
charmi kaur jyothi lakshmi
charmi kaur jyothi lakshmi

The South Indian actor Charmi, who plays a s*x worker in is Latest Telugu movie Jyothi Lakshmi, has lost about 11 kg for a curvaceous body to fit into the role.

"It is a difficult role. I worked very hard and lost 11 kilograms. It is a strong woman-centered film and the audience will experience 'heroinism' for the first time," said Charmme.

She says there are no s*xual content in the film.

"It is a s*x worker, but there will be no s*x. My character is very happy, fun-loving, mischievous and romantic. There is absolutely no vulgarity," she said.

According Charmme, Jyoti Lakshmi, which releases in theaters on Friday, is a love story "unusual".
"He is a man who falls in love with a prostitute. How exchanging woman for the man she loves and the impact of its past on their relationship is presented in the film," she added.

Directed by Puri Jagannadh, the Telugu film is co-produced by Charmme.

" The shot I appreciated that I 'm the producer something I 've never lived for many years. This story was told to me six years ago , but it took time to materialize. Puri suggested I produce. the opportunity has helped me understand the serious film production activity, " she said.

In the film, Charmme rode a motorcycle Bullet 500 cc and describe the experience , she said: " As a youth , I ride my bike with my brother when no one was at home , I 'm crazy about bikes and when I have proposed Puri. . of rolling a ball for a scene , it made me so excited. "

It took only two laps on the bike to ride the Bullet for Charmme for the stage.
She says there are plans for a sequel.

"We decided on the idea of ​​a sequel. According to the answer to Jyothi Lakshmi , we will take the call on the decision on the announcement of the result, " she said.

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hari krishna Bingi

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