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Baahubali premiere show Rejected Regular Release

There is No premiere show for Baahubali.

Baahubali premiere show no more
Baahubali premiere show

 Bahubali will Release in all the theaters t the same Time said by the Sai Korrapati.

As the long-awaited Telugu movie said to be the largest cinema in India is almost Baahubali to be released in theaters worldwide on July 10 rumors rounds counting for the excitement of the fans.

In recent days, rumors about the animation and the region of the capital of Telangana have made the rounds in the virtual world. It is said that the first film projections are provided in the Capital Region on July 9 and the amount received through these shows will be given to capital funds. SS Rajamouli Prabhas Rana Baahubali will release on 10th July.

However, the distributor of the film Mr. Sai Korrapati rejected rumors that the film would be released a day ahead in the capital region. Speaking to DC, Mr. Sai Korrapati no such first scheduled concerts and the movie would be released as per schedule, on July 10th.

Meanwhile, in almost every theater tickets, including multiplexes screens are reserved by Telugu movie lovers and distributors loose in the city.

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