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Watch Video : Lion Rushes for a Little two year boy in Zoo at japan

WATCH Video : Lion attempts to Attack, pounce on little Boy in a zoo but what happened see video.

Lion tries to jump over small child but hits the glass.

León hits the glass trying to toddler.

Zoo lion camera captures the child and face planted on the glass wall is released.

Lion in Japan zoo tries to paw through the glass child .

WATCH : Boy has a close encounter with the lion in the zoo.

Lion smashes the glass enclosure in Japan zoo after staring contest with the boy.

ZOO NEWS FROM AROUND THE WORLD - If you own a cat , you know that they crouch down and Pounce during playback.

The same was caught on tape , but with a much larger cat - a 400-pound lion in a zoo in Chiba , Japan

A two -year-old has a very close encounter when the lion was launched after the child turned his back .

The good news is that a glass wall was separating the two when the lion pounced, smashing his face into the wall.
Lion POUNCES at little Boy in Zoo Two year old boy faces with lion
Lion POUNCES at little Boy in Zoo Two year old boy faces with lion

lion attacked a little boy when he turns back.

A small kid closely encountered with a dangerous lion in zoo.

WATCH : A lion in a zoo in Japan reacts after a starring with a two -year-old competition .
Behind you! Terrifying moment lion roars to a small child but collides against the glass of his zoo enclosure.

He launches huge lion boy two years old at the zoo after young turns his back , but collides head on the glass.

Close Encounter : Lion Zoo runs on the glass in an effort to " play with " young boy.
Lion slams into the glass trying to jump over the child at the zoo.

Woohoo! Glass saves child lion attack in Japan.

He has seen this: Zoo scare between lion and child.

charges lion and pouncing on the child at the zoo - but crashes into the glass.

Lion roars Pounces and 2 - Year- Old Boy before slamming face-first into Glass.

Watch video:

Lion Encountered with a little kid small boy young small child



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