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BBC News: Epic Historical Indian Movie Baahubali 2 Creating Records

Bahubali 2: South Indian epic film sees fans troll Bollywood. BBC News: Epic Historical Indian Movie Baahubali 2 Creating Records.

An epic historical fantasy film with spectacular and dramatic war scenarios fascinates India. Luckily praised as India's response to the game of the throne, Bahubali 2 has also brought the success to fans of the South Indian cinema to the Bollywood Troll, writes Sudha G Tilak.

BBC News: Epic Historical Indian Movie Baahubali 2 Creating Records

BBC News: Epic Historical Indian Movie Baahubali 2 Creating Records
BBC News: Epic Historical Indian Movie Baahubali 2 Creating Records

They are exciting royal fighters, roaring elephants, heroic slippers and glittering Acctress, along with Indian clamps of music and dance. In the fictitious Kingdom of Mahismati, Bahubali 2 has two fencers cousins ​​in the dynasty war over the kingdom. Precious special effects and high production costs have made the drama an invisible visual spectacle in Indian films.

The difference is that it is a Telugu film from the South.

It was published in many other languages ​​and earned over the weekend in the United States over $ 10 million, calling Forbes magazine, it "Holy Crap!" To call.

Indian film distributors claim to have made 5 billion rupees (60 million pounds, 66 million dollars), making it one of the most successful films in India.

For many Indians, north and south of the country are almost two countries and "will never meet."

It has long been thought that films from other parts of the country are not welcome just because they are not to belong to Glitz and Glamor Bollywood, which is based on the financial capital of Mumbai.

The triumphant reaction of the South Indian film fans is something you can see as they deride the epic success of Bollywood.

This also translated into almost military defense of the film. Let's say you do not like what happened to the movie version of the betrayal.

Critics criticizing the film for misogyny, purity, violence, and Hindu public references were brutally controlled.

For Bahubali fans this is more than just a movie. He brought regional pride, Hindu resistance as language and loyalty to his language.

The hero, Prabhas, who plays the role of King Bahubali in the film, has become a sensation, and people "faint" about their appearance.

Fans of the southern states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh erected giant copies outside the theaters.

Some even poured milk into the image in a ritual ritual reserved for worship of idols in Hindu temples.

And the experienced entrepreneurs see the chance in all the madness.

The theaters were decorated with posters and drawings.

The gyms offer the Bahubali training regimen, which promises great abs from the top male performers whose famous hand-to-hand combat at the peak of humor caused their trotting trot.

And many fans were seen in Bahayan theaters with the impressions of Actress.

In fact, it's the frenzy that has gripped India both north and south, but for South Indian fans who believe their film industry has played a minor role in Bollywood, this is a great time.

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