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Gowtham Nanda Telugu Movie Review Ratings Public Talk Live Updates

Gowtham Nanda Telugu Movie Review Ratings Public Talk Live Updates
There are movies that surprise you with their ideas and there are movies that kill you. But Sampath Nandis Goutham Nanda is different. He paints the canvas with the most exuberant colors he can afford, and seduces you to believe that you are witnessing a whole new game.

But if you scratch yourself under the surface, you must feel disappointed. You've seen this million times before and the (million + 1) hour, with a new cast, does not change anything. In fact, you wonder if no one thought this during the movie.

Gowtham Nanda Movie Review: 

Gowtham Nanda Telugu Movie Review Ratings Public Talk Live Updates
Gowtham Nanda Telugu Movie Review Ratings Public Talk Live Updates

Goutham Nanda is the story of two identical people (fortunately, they are not a twin, divorced at birth) who choose to change their place to lead a new life for 30 days.

Goutham (Gopichand) is a billionaire and his father gives him a year to fully enjoy his life. The agreement between the two is that after a year he will take over his father's father. The prisoner is that Goutham, during his apparently perfect life, does not know how much happiness or hunger is experienced. On the other hand, Goutham Nanda (also the Gopichand game), which comes from a low middle class background, will be rich and his father criticizes his efforts.

A beautiful day blows with Goutham and Nanda, and both are very annoyed with their respective lives. The rest is the story of how their new life changes internally.

Gowtham Nanda Telugu movie Ratings

Since the 1960s, several filmmakers have adapted this plot to make family dramas such as Ramudu Bheemudu, Ganga Manga, Seeta Geetha and Hello Brother, just to name a few. But Sampath Nandi's version of the story is missing in a vision, and he tries to play similar ideas without giving anything new in terms of content and shape.

When Goutham is on a journey of discovery in the movie film, one begins a feeling of deja vu, and it becomes a predictable story in which a protagonist finds a family and solves all their problems. Similarly, when Nanda takes place for Goutham, he is looked at by the rich new wealth and asks why someone would give such an exaggerated lifestyle.

In the first half of the film there is hardly anything dramatic and saves for a chicken or two, thanks to Vennela Kishore and Bithri Sathi, Goutham Nanda is quite boring for most of the time. The game does not work until the last round in history is revealed, which can be the only interesting element in the story.

Goutham Nanda Review Public Talk

Gowtham Nanda Telugu Movie Review Ratings Public Talk Live Updates
Gowtham Nanda Telugu Movie Review Ratings Public Talk Live Updates

It is clear that Sampath Nandi wants the point that money is the root of all evil and too much money distorts our mind, but he builds it all so richly that we sleep against climate change, which we do not finally do. And too late.

Gopichand, who played double roles for the first time in his career, is best if he exposes his gray side in the second half of the film. He has visibly received a stylish rejuvenation; But the representation of drugs and alcohol to show how he has been problematically lost in his life. Someone guess if it is the existential crisis that leads, but it seems the Sampath Nandis version of a character has found its perfect spiral of life.

It is even more surprising that Hansika was played in a role she needed to be a middle class girl. There are predictable traces of her beautiful skin, but she looks terrible from his place. Then there's Catherine Tresa, who has almost no role in the movie, except a stage or two, where she should be shiny.
Chandramohan and Seetha perform honestly as in a million other films where they play the same role, while Sachin Khedekar, Mukesh Rishi and Nikitin Dheer were cast on stereotypical roles.

Goutham Nanda Review Ratings

The only interesting part of the film lies in the idea that even a good man can exchange for greed and it takes a lot of self-realization to know who you are and make good for society. If you're making a seemingly expensive film to drive this message, the problem is in the wrong hope that you can pour old wine into a shiny new bottle and sell it after adding GST.

It is sure that it is rich and expensive but the taste makes you want to make the decision to buy the bottle first. A big thumb up to Goutham Nanda. It is a fake movie and makes you uninspired.



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